Posted by: performanceproduction | December 11, 2011

Past Due

I was born a couple weeks past my due date – and not alive at the time, so when it comes to doing some “Ten random things about me” dealio, you think I’m going to do it on time?

1. See above.

2. My chin hasn’t seen the light of day in almost 11 years. The beard(s) have gone through many iterations. I started with the jazz strip, then full face, then to the full goatee that has been my standard for the last 9 years or so, with the exception of the occasional full-face here and there. I’ve already sent Jenna some of my face porn, most of which were recent shots.

3. I’m behind in getting into things, and then I really get into it. See: cell phones, myspace, facebook, twitter, blogging (okay, so I haven’t REALLY gotten into blogging yet).

4. Children make me very uncomfortable, even the ones I really like.

5. I’ve taken part in some pretty awesome conspiracies.

6. I can cook like a motherfucker, but baking completely escapes me. I kinda envy those who can and do it well, but then realise I’m entirely too lazy to put that much effort into it anyway.

7. On that note, while I have a very overzealous work ethic when I’m working, I’m the laziest sack o’shit ever when it comes my personal life. It’s fucked me over pretty hard many times.

8. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 7 years old. I would hop onto the schoolbus with a big ole travel mug full of (black) coffee. I gave up coffee for one month in college, and other than that I don’t think I’ve ever gone a full 24 hours without. No wonder my kidneys hurt so much.

9. I’ve been to AA. It’s a scary cult. Fucking whackjobs.

10. For number 10, I’d like YOU to leave a random fact about me in the comment section. If you exist. Please?

11. Add one about yourself too. I don’t even know who reads this thing.



  1. 10. You hate Italian Wedding soup, brownies, toffee, and peppermint. Which I am pretty sure makes you a terrorist.

    11. I own(ed) a Whitney Houston CD. The one Bateman did if I’m not mistaken.

  2. You work un-human hours in a week hence you have the ability to fall asleep anywhere… unfortunately, I do not work as much but I still can fall asleep anywhere 😉

  3. 10. You…like ABBA, Seal, and Phil Collins.
    11. The first concert I went to was The Cranberries.

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