Posted by: performanceproduction | June 12, 2011

Well fuck me running**

**: I’m not going to be running. That shit’s for suckers like you

So yeah, ’tis the season. After my 10 day festival that saw me mixing a lot of really really good acts (the last day of which may have been a personal best), I end up putzing around New England mixing a bunch of hip-hop again. More of a buzzkill than you know who.

That was followed up by a relatively easy week before everything turns to shit again. On the docket for next week, I lose one of my summer guys as he goes and plays with blinky flashy things for a dance show. He’s a soundguy, and not happy about it, but I’ll be damned if I’m doing that shit. There’s also the start of our weekly thursday city concert dealios, with one hell of a bore of an act. Then friday there’s this charity hotel ballroom dealio that will most assuredly be painful. So, not a TERRIBLE week, but after that it all turns to hell, I assure you.

On a brighter note, I finally cashed in a birthday present – a gift certificate to a massive beer store. I walked away with some much sought-after Saranac Caramel Porter (seasonal, so it’s tough to find), and a few different British Banana beers – one of which I’ve had before and love, the other an experiment. On the label it says that it was designed to be “a beer with fruit, not a syrupy fruit beer.” This gets me excited. I may have it with breakfast/brunch today.



  1. British Banana beers? Intriguing!
    I saw a banana bread beer the other day and was a little wary.
    Reviews plz when you drink them!

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