Posted by: performanceproduction | June 12, 2011

Bananas and Beer

This is actually from Holland, not England. It appears someone put it on the wrong shelf.

In short: it’s the perfect breakfast beer. It advertises itself as a “beer with fruit – not a syrupy fruit beer” and that description is DEAD ON. If you like orange juice with breakfast, it’s the perfect substitute. A sweeter odor than taste, but a very light sweetness, and a very light, almost citrusy tang. On first pour, it has a Boddington-like head, but that eventually dissipates. The banana is….there. It’s like eating dried, unsweetened banana chips. They kinda sorta have a banana flavour, but not the overpowering sweet artificial taste.

I followed this up with a Wells Banana Bread Beer, which I’ve had before. This has a more caramely colour, and much more of an artificial banana sweetness to it. This doesn’t bother me too much though, since there’s a nice nuttiness to it that offsets the sweet – just like banana bread has.

Neither beer is particularly hoppy, which is cool because hops are fucking gross. I’m a malt guy (hence my love of porters), and appreciate those who don’t overkill everyfuckingbeertheymakewithhops (Oh HAI Sam Adams).


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