Posted by: performanceproduction | May 17, 2011

Standby to Stand By

So yeah, I’m in the middle of this 10 day festival dealio. We loaded in production on thursday, tested the rig, all that good shit, and were ready for the first day on friday. Beautiful (hot) day. Then comes saturday…a little rain, but cleared up and we had a great day all around.

Sunday: show cancels due to weather. There is an alternate venue, a local club, that obviously has their own system and engineers. Unfortunately, sunday was one of the few days this year that we’re providing backline, so I have to head over to da cluuuuub myself to deal with that. Still, an easy show.

Monday: Cancelled before I even get out the door. No backline – I stay home.

Today: I get to the jobsite early and am putzing around when I get word that we’re cancelled. No backline today either so I can pack up and go home. I’m in the middle of closing up the last tent side when I get a call that backline will be loading into da cluuuuub at 2. I call the promoter

“Uh, we’re not scheduled to do backline today”
“Really? Fuck. Because I need it. Can you bring some anyway?”
“Uhh…you’re going to have to call the BossMan about that.”
“I’ll call him right now”

An hour goes by. No word. So I call promoter back:

“Hey, have you learned anything new?”
“Oh, sorry. I got busy and haven’t called BossMan yet. I’ll call him as soon as I get off the phone with you.”

An hour goes by. No word.

I’m getting fucking pissed now, because it’s been 2 1/2 hours since I got word that the day was cancelled and I’M STILL FUCKING THERE. In the cold and rain, sitting with my dick in one hand and my other thumb up my ass. So finally I give BossMan a call.

“Hey, has PromoterDude called you?”
“No, why?”


I explain the situation to BossMan who says “Well, I’ll give him a call and tell him he can find backline somewhere else. He’s not actually our client, the festival is, so its his problem, not ours. You go home.”

I thank him and hang up. I get a call back from BossMan a few minutes later. PromoterDude had already arranged for backline from elsewhere and never called me or BossMan to let us know.

Thanks a lot, fucktard.


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