Posted by: performanceproduction | April 10, 2011

Just plane late

So I do have some terrible pictures of one of last weekend’s gigs. I may put them up, but really…they show nothing interesting, and they’re just blurry and awful. I’m pretty sure my phone takes better pictures. Or I just suck that bad.

So, thursday night loadin. This is the venue that sucks ass to load in because it’s up two sets of steps. So it’s dump everything out of the trucks, build a stage on the landing between the two sets of stairs, ramp up to that deck, then ramp up to the top. It’s a miserable push, and one I actually escaped this time, unloading the rest of the truck with a few girls (more on them later), and then starting to build in the actual room. But we get it all up and in without incident, and set everything up. We finish in a bit under 4 hours, which is super slow for the size rig, but about right with those stairs.

Afterwards, we hit a hotel, and go searching for a bar. We find a cool little hole in the wall place that also serves food and spend several hours with fried deliciousness, beer, and lots and lots of stories. That’s what we do. I have my share of stories obviously, but mostly I do the listening, as these guys are all about 15 years my senior.

So show day, we finish up, band+crew gets there, everyone’s happy. Doors approaches, and they’re being held. Nobody’s really sure why, and we can’t track down promoter or college rep. Finally, they find us and tell us that headliner star is still stuck in NYC, and has missed several planes so far, as they’re getting whacked with some pretty heavy weather. They’ve got one more shot for a plane for him to catch, and promoter is trying to track down a possible last minute filler/replacement. We’re told we’re not allowed to mention a word of this, and that they’re going to continue holding doors for a bit.

Doors end up being held for a full hour, and the kids come running in. Everyone is talking about how the Star hasn’t been able to catch his flight, and we wonder why we were sworn to secrecy if everyone knows. Turns out Star is tweeting from the airport, and everyone is seeing this. Duh, not winning.

Star does end up catching his flight, and the hour hold of doors works out perfectly, as opener goes on an hour late, and so does headliner. Not a terrible show, but not a great one, but the crew and band were all supercool, so it’s all good for me. One of the downsides of doing college shows rears its ugly head in the middle of loadout, as our entire crew disappears for half an hour to do a meet and greet with Star. Ugh.

I manage to skip the ramp fun again, as once everything was down and the first several bunches of gear that fit in the elevator (which worked the whole time…possibly a first!) had gone down, I grabbed a couple girls and headed out toward the truck. First thing in was Vertec, and after the ground row was built, I had them convene on the first lifter. One, a 5’0, maybe 110lb little blonde thing, jumped in, yelled a countoff, and we lifted.

Like they had been doing it their entire lives.

Little blonde girl (Brie is how I’ll spell her name, as she said she was like the cheese) apologised for the countoff, and I told her “No no no, I tend to forget because our crew all knows each others rhythm…you go ahead and run with it.” And she (and they) did. Those girls were just absolutely awesome, as they and I pretty much loaded the majority of the trucks ourselves. Love ’em, would trade ’em for damn near any crew I’ve ever had. (The guys were a whole ‘nother story though!)

Oh, fun little story from while we were waiting for doors to open. There was some student communications major girl there who was the school’s official photographer, and she was talking to some of us about what we do and learning shit and this and that. At this point it was K (our VD [Video Director] who although there wasn’t video on this gig, is pretty awesome at jumping in and helping with everything else), and myself. J, our LD had run off to the bathroom while we were talking to this girl. So at some point, she asks us “So who does sound and who does lights?” I said that I’m on sound, and J, who wasn’t there was on lights.

(Pointing at K) “So what do you do?”

Me (Without thinking) “He’s the fluffer.”

We giggle a bit, and she stares blankly.

“What’s a fluffer?”

I lost it. I could barely breathe, I was laughing so hard, and K just kinda stammered and beat around the bush (no pun intended). We were debating whether or not it was even legal to tell her, when J came back.

“He’ll tell you”

And he did.

Damn, this is really long already and I haven’t even got to Sunday’s Big Pop Star show (who we’re doing again at a different college this upcoming week) and I haven’t even put up my shitty pictures!

Oh well, stay tuned I guess, bitches.



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