Posted by: performanceproduction | March 30, 2011

PP goes to college…

Well, I get to be a soundguy again this week. Fuck all that lighting nonsense.

Tonight, my knees are feeling the effects of loading three trucks in one day after having a few months off from such things. That and/or I’m getting old.

I’ll try to get pictures, but they’ll probably suck, because they’re taken with my phone or a cheap shitty camera. Anywho, matching rigs for both shows: 6x4889 a side (groundstacked for the first show, flown for the second), with 8x4880 piled in the middle. Lighting is 30 up, 30 down, with some A7’s upstage and a few on the ground. Second show is the same trusses with some different colours and Mac2K‘s and Atomic 3000‘s replacing the A7’s.

The absolute worst part of the week is going to be loadin for the first show. Both gigs are in college gyms, but the first one is up 2 flights of stairs. It’s fucking miserable, especially when you have say, 4K’s (which we don’t…5D’s this time), and best of all, stagecarts that weigh between 1200 and 1500 pounds (depending on their configuration). Our method is ramp up to a stage deck, then ramp up to the second floor. It takes a lot of people and is absolutely fucking miserable. I’m not sure which is worse either, going up or going down. Luckily, it’s a ground floor entrance on Sunday.


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