Posted by: performanceproduction | March 20, 2011

Calm before the storm

So this is my last weekend off until…probably January? Maybe one or two throughout the season, but none coming up soon as I far as I can see in my calendar. I took Bluto’s advice, and spent the weekend “drinking heavily.” So here I sit, drinking way too many cups of coffee (and yet at the same time, not nearly enough), with the History Channel on. It’s a show about the European air war in WWII, and a lot of the historical correspondence they’re referencing and reading (Ken Burns style) is from Andy Rooney. Yes, apparently he was once a serious reporter and a talented writer. When did he become an annoying clown?

Anywho, been finishing up some off-season projects at the shop. I spent a hefty chunk of my winter reworking, repairing, and building cases. Thousands upon thousands of rivets, gallons of paint, and stenciling the shit out of everything (they had previously been using the “white gaff with sharpie” labeling system, which I can’t fucking stand. Organisation is my one talent, and I threw it down on these guys HARD this year. I also cleaned out and rewired our monitor racks, similar to what I did last year with the house amp racks…I ran out of time to hit the monitor racks last year, but they’re all clean and spiffy now. While I was in there, I rewired some of the outputs to make for greater flexibility for drum/DJ sub outputs, and rewrote some processor presets that I had proven to be done wrong originally.

My last project I finished was overhauling the main monitors. These are proprietary boxes, originally made some 20 years or so ago. That means they’re big, heavy, and ugly. Our guys like the sound of them (I don’t, but I think that’s because I’m the only one who’s had experience with better options). So, I popped everything open, polarity checked every driver, as well as doing an eyeball and earball test, so we can say that “okay, at this point in time, EVERYTHING was kosher). The wedges then got a new coat of paint, their grilles hammered flat, and the cases got some love, and voila…good as new. The paint was a matter of some controversy, since I used a satin finish, more charcoal looking paint than the flat black that owner dude is in love with. I think it makes them look less homemade, but he wasn’t digging it. Ah well, if I had a preference, I’d say fuck the both of those, and hit them with Duratex. Sure, it’s $50/gallon, but it will last TEN TIMES LONGER. Gah.

So, what’s coming up you ask? Couple of college gigs this upcoming weekend. Neither are concerts – one is a charity event that’s just some lighting, projectors, and screens, and the other looks to be a fashion show dealio. We’ll be providing a stage thrust, some LED footlights, a little sound system, and a handful of lights. Our main lighting guy put in for a wedding that weekend several months ago, so that puts me on lights…at the fashion show. Bossman keeps apologising for having me do lights – I told him that I’m going to draw the line when he asks me to do wardrobe – haha.

After next week, we’ve got a good 5-6 weeks of college concerts on tap, followed by college graduation season, which of course, all fall right during that ten day flower festival. I’m sure I’ll be there for all of that one again, as bossman likes to stick with staffing formulas, and the same three people have done that festival the last two years. From there we’re basically right into the summer season.



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