Posted by: performanceproduction | March 20, 2011

A timeline of unexpected events

-September 2008: Quit the company that I started my career with. It was pretty much all for personal reasons. I’m still friendly with those guys, and they call me every 6 months to ask me back.

-November 2008: I become a video guy. I learn a lot, and actually kinda enjoy some aspects of doing video. Most of my work is in tradeshows and layoff meetings.

-November 2009: I start working at a theater as a carp and a rigger. I feel an odd resentment against the electricians, which had been the role I’d filled in any previous theatre engagements.

-March 2009: I’m starting to get nervous. I have a bad feeling all my gigs are soon going to be drying up.

-End of March 2009: I get a surprise phonecall from a production company I had sent a resume back when I quit my old job. I’m skeptical, but I do an interview.

-Early April 2009: I start with that same company. I had expected to keep doing the freelance thing for longer, as I’d kinda enjoyed the freedom. My paranoia about the future of those gigs got the better of me though. Later, I would find out I was right.

-April 2009: I fall in love with Vertec. God bless V4 presets, because anything I’d heard prior to that sounded like donkey dick.

-Fall 2010: I become a pretty fucking good lighting guy. I can no longer make fun of the squints.

-Fall 2010: Fuck that. I’ll make fun of them even more now. I may get a small amount of enjoyment out of doing a good job with lights, but it doesn’t give me that raging hardon that a great mix can. Lights make me say “Cool” but sound makes me say “FUCK YEAH!”


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