Posted by: performanceproduction | December 20, 2010

Dirty whore(s)

Also, I’d like to complain about the hotel.  Everyone was all happy that we were being put up in a Hilton nearby, but not me.  I’m sure at one point, Connie’s chain were actually nice hotels, but at this point, they remind me too much of the Hilton heiress.  Sure, at first glance there are things that make it look nice, but hang around or dig just a little and it becomes quite clear that it’s just dressed up trashy.  Yeah, they put 15 pillows on the bed for you, but they’re all fucking uncomfortable so who cares?  At some point, the fact that Paris is one of the richer, hotter white trash whores becomes kinda like being the tallest midget.  Or, to come full-circle, being the most comfortable dump.


So that being said, I didn’t sleep for shit this weekend.  Part of it was the general discomfort of the room/bed, and part of it was the entourages.  See, the entertainment was also being put up in this hotel, some of which were on the same floor as us.  They were loud the first night, and I was hoping/praying that there would be an afterparty at some other location after the show.  There very well may have been, but when we got back after loadout, there were cops or security checking at the door to see if we had roomkeys.


Bad sign.


It was definitely party time, and they were loud enough or the walls were thin enough or both where it was keeping me up again.  At around 3am, I went out for a smoke and about 50 people clown-car’d it out of a limo and milled around the lobby.  I tried sleeping again, and for awhile I was kept up by the sound of some chick getting the shit railed out of her in the next room over.  Pillows went over my head and eventually I fell asleep.


I hope it was Paris.


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