Posted by: performanceproduction | December 14, 2010

Chicago, Chicago!


I forgot to bring my camera, so all you get from this show (a roller derby) is a crappy phone picture.  Actually, for a phone, it’s not a bad picture, though I had to do some pretty good editing on it (it was awfully blue looking).  It’s hard to tell exactly what’s there, so:

Outer Grid: 44 pieces of PRT (this comes out to something like 110’x65′).

-24 Mac2K Profiles

-24 Mac2K Washes (XB, which must stand for” eXtra Bright”? because they’re 1500w lamps instead of the usual 1200w’s.

-10 Par64’s as truss warmers

-2 lekos with 10 degree barrels for gobos that didn’t end up looking very good.


Inner Grid: 8 pieces of circle 12″ truss, with the “circle” extended on the SL and SR sides by 15′ of straight 12″.  This had 14 HES Studio Colors on it, which the 2K Washes made look like flashlights.


Not pictured: Onstage: 4 10’x15″ towers, 2 7.5’x15″ towers, each with two ChromaQ Colorsplits to warm them, and one JBLED A7.


Oh yeah, there was some fucking sound too, wasn’t there?


Main Hang: 8x 4889 a side.

Delay: 2 (ha!)x 4888 a side

Subs: 12×4880, center clustered.


5D at FOH, M7 on monitors.  You see, in addition to the DJ doing all the music for the actual Derby, there was a 90’s ska band playing at halftime and then a few more songs at the end of the day.  All really cool guys (I was on monitors), and a good day in general.


Local 2 was beyond fucking awesome.  I was concerned going in as to how they were going to be, but those guys knew their shit, and knew it well.  The Teamster loaders were even several steps ahead of many IA loaders I’ve worked with.  Kudos to all those guys, and hope to see them again soon!


Coming up: two more gigs this year.  A hip hop festival out of town this weekend, and then a party band at a casino on NYE.  This weekend should hopefully not be too painful.  I’ve worked with all of the acts but two over the last year or so, so I have some idea of what to expect.  Rig will be 12×4889 a side, outfills of 4×4888 a side, and somewhere between 16 and 24 4880’s on the ground.  5D’s at FOH and Monitors.  I have a feeling I may end up back at FOH for this show, which is always fun.  I’ll try and remember my camera this time.


Chicago was awesome.  I had never actually worked there before!  For that matter, I had never seen the outside of O’Hare.  I had some awesome food, some good drinks, and got to meet up with an old college friend that I hadn’t seen in several years.  I REALLY have to head back there when it’s warmer.  It’s everything people think NYC is, but seems a hair slower paced, and nicer.  I dig, y’all.


Okay, I’m out to drink some coffee and smoke cigarettes, my two favourite things in the world!



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