Posted by: performanceproduction | December 7, 2010


Holy hell I am exhausted.


This is a very intense physical job, and my body is starting to wear down.  I haven’t had more than a scattered day off a week in…a couple months now.  I’ve always said the “off” season is harder than the summer for a production company like ours.  Sure, you do way more sheer volume of shows during the summer, but you have your summer college employees, and there is a certain rhythm to putting up a stage, roof, and production a few times a week.  In the fall/winter/spring you get the college shows, the Christmas-themed festivals, theatre gigs, corporate galas…and in this case, I’ve still got the effort of the past year weighing me down.

Routine (for me) physical efforts are becoming difficult.  Scrambling up a truck or stage, or hopping up on shelves in the shop is a lot more of an effort, and I find myself forced to climb rather than jump.  My left foot/Achilles that has been bothering me off and on for about 4 years is the worst it has ever been lately.  My left shoulder is intermittently burning everytime I raise it a few inches.  I’m starting to feel the cartilage in my knees deserting me.  My brain is tired, too.  The physical exertion is pretty tough, obviously, but the mental effort of organizing festival patches, changeovers, input lists, truck packs, crew schedules…it’s all turning into mush.  In short, all those 20+ hour days and 100+ hour weeks are really adding up for me right now, and the end to it (about a week and a half away) seems further away than ever.


That’s the gist of why I haven’t been writing on here as much as I should.  The theory behind the whole “start a blog” idea was to convey some of the gig stories before they left my head.  But really, when I get home at 4am and have a 7am truck call for the next show, can I really justify spending the time to write rather than eat, drink, shower, and sleep?  Besides, when I DO get a day off, I’m so exhausted and brain-dead from getting home late the night before that I just lay there drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.


For those expecting this to be an expose into the glamourous rock ‘n roll lifestyle that we production dudes live, sorry to be a downer.  I’m just really tired.


On the heels of several other shows, we had the event that I just posted a slew of pictures of.  That was…two weekends ago now?  This past weekend we had 5 shows.  Saturday was a nearby radio station festival (left the shop at 4am, got home at 4:30 am sunday), a city “light up” event (easy breezy: a few speakers on sticks inside and outside, a few par cans outside, and a leko with a logo gobo outside on some boom pipes), and a Christmas party for one of the major major audio manufacturers that call this city home.  Roll into an 8am loadin on Sunday for a college show that we did in shifts due to getting home so late the night before, and someone else took care of a comedy show (projector and a few headset mics) at a local theatre.  Now we turn that around and head out of town this weekend for a rather large roller derby (pile of Vertec, a 110′ by 65’ outer grid, with a smaller oval grid inside of that, with 60ish wiggly lights on them…oh, and a band).  Next week we’ll head out of town to a different city (8 hours away) for another radio show hip hop festival.  Only hip hop acts carry bands these days.  Which sucks balls for me.  And then nothing til New Year’s Eve.  Almost two whole weeks off.


Now, during that time I hope to maybe do some product reviews of some stuff I really like or dislike, and maybe some tips on how to get ahead in various aspects of this life.



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