Posted by: performanceproduction | July 14, 2010

…and counting

What was that I said about July looking ridiculous?  I should have included the second half of June in that one too.  I just got out of the shop, which was the 24th day in a row I’ve worked.  I’ve got this upcoming sunday off though, so that’ll only be 27 in a row at the end of this run (I once did like…2 1/2 months a few years ago, working for a different company).  I’m averaging about 12.5 hours over those days, too (only two of those days so far has been shorter than 8 hours, and there was at least one stretch of almost a week where I never did less than 16).

This week we have 9 shows, which run the gamut from a brass quartet in a park yesterday to 2 shows today (not sure what they are), reggae tomorrow, Blues, country,  and a Symphony friday, Gospel and a Latino band on saturday.   Next week gets back to being really busy again, as we’ve got a week long R&B festival (one of the largest in the country/world), a favourite indie-ish band of mine (they practically invented the genre), and a Beatle.  I’ve never worked with a Beatle before.

No, I don’t have any cool pictures.  I’ve been meaning to get some of the local shed that we’ve been doing a LOT of gigs at this year (including the Beatle next week).  We only did like…4-5 last summer, but between then booking a little heavier and touring acts being hit by the economy and not carrying shit, we’re there a couple times a week every week this summer so far.


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