Posted by: performanceproduction | June 7, 2010

I’m the new Hip Hop Guru

Last week was hip-hop week.

Three dates in a row touring the northeast doing hip-hop festivals…some really talented acts, some really….not talented acts.

All sleeping was done in the trucks (thank god for sleeper cabs!), all showers were taken at the arenas after loadout.

After the last date, we drove 6 hours for half of us, 7 1/2 for the rest of us (including me) to Saturday’s gigs: one a bluegrass show, the other a radio station festival doohicky. (that one was me).  The radio show gig went completely smooth, which was unusual.  Of course, right after the last act left the stage, it started pouring, which it continued to do for the next 12 hours or so, including the 6 it took for loadout.

Here’s a few pictures of the arena shows (all taken at the XL Center in Hartford, CT)


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