Posted by: performanceproduction | May 27, 2010


No updates in awhile, I know.

Last week I did just shy of 100 hours, the week before that, mid-80’s.

Starting at the end of April was a whole slew of college concerts, followed by graduations in the middle of the month.  I mostly just did some of the loadins for the graduations though, because I spent 10 days (not counting load-in and out) of a festival that saw 105 acts come across its two stages.  Other than the FOH processors somehow sending out a bunch of bullshit that was inaudible but managed to take out 12-13 drivers (LOTS of angry, early morning box-switching before we figured out what exactly was the issue there), it was a good time.

This week is all loading and deloading of trucks because next week there’s a little mini-tour of the northeast with a rap festival tour, along with a local concert, a small tent in a parking lot type festival, and a big stadium festival to cap it all off.  Oh yeah, and the weekly  wednesday “Concert on the Beach” starts next week too.  So, that’ll be quite the stretch.  College grad staging thingy loadout on tuesday followed by dumping and reloading that same semi to do the stadium show, followed by leaving for day one of the rap shows is gonna be all kinds of fun.

After that week though, we pretty much settle into our summer ritual.  Lots of weekly concerts (this city does have a very strong festival/concert scene), and the odd festival here and there.

I hope to maybe take some pictures.

Or post something.

Or sleep.



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