Posted by: performanceproduction | February 21, 2010

Giggin’ Time

Quick post, but consider it to be a few thousand words longer than it really is, since I’m adding pictures.  Yeah, the quality sucks, but I took them with my phone.

Gig was an act we’ve done a few times in the past year, all of them (including this one) on the college circuit.  The difference being that the others were all in several thousand capacity fieldhouses, whereas this was in a ballroom.  They tell me it’s actually a 950 cap (which seemed awfully high to me), and they allegedly sold that many tickets.*  I would say about 300 people showed up.

The rig: couple dozen movers, 10k projector, 2 DL-2’s, and for my side of things, a hard-hitting 2 850’s a side with 6 SB850’s packed in the center.  (For reference, the other few times we’ve done this act, we’ve had between 12 to 20 Vertec a side, with 20-24 VT4880’s taking up the low end.)  Still, this was PLENTY of rig for the room, for both volume and coverage, and all was well.  I barely tickled the amps all day, even though it was a pretty hefty volume.

A minor hiccup was had when the service lighting was tapped into failed (this being the first time it was ever used, I should point out), and we had to tear open two panels, and basically re-install the 4 day old breaker.  Always good times, but we got through that with not much sweat but a whole lot of head-shaking.  Supposedly the dude who installed that particular service had recently been fired for drinking on the job and getting hurt.

Doors were held for a grand total of 50 minutes “because there wasn’t a big enough crowd” and of course, the act went on 50 minutes late, though only played about 20 mins or so late. **

Anyway, wasn’t painful at all, other than the boredom.  Here’s some fun pictures though.

*This had me wondering…if 950 people showed up, would the three of us plus the house guys plus security plus the artist be a fire hazard?  Because seriously…those numbers don’t add up, and it sounds like a good way for someone to make a boatload of totally unethical money.

**Who the fuck started that trend of “don’t let people in or don’t start on time because it’ll make people excited”?  I fucking hate that shit.


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