Posted by: performanceproduction | January 24, 2010

Lookin’ good

I built this last week:

This rack was labelled “B-FX” and this was the first time I had ever seen it with the lid off since I started here (almost a year ago).  A-FX I’ve seen, since that tends to go out with the 4k, but B-FX was created as a secondary large analog effects rack (the PM3k – which I also haven’t seen unlidded yet).

So, says we, fuck that.  Let’s combine a few decent effects with a few decent dynamics and some EQ and a DSP and make it an all-in-one rack for smaller jobs.  In order from top to bottom:

*BSS Omnidrive FDS-388

*2 x Ashly Protea 4.24G – two channels for L/R, 2 channels for FF/SF/whatever, then 4 channels for monitors

*Lexicon PCM-80 (or maybe it’s an 81 – I don’t remember)

*Yamaha SPX-900

*Lexicon MPX-1

*Presonus ACP88 (kill me, it sounds like shit but it’s 8 gate/comp combos in hardly any space)

*2 dual channel Ashly gates (I don’t remember the model number…they’re sometimes awesome sometimes awful)

*1 x dbx 166

*1 x dbx 160A

And now to the back:

Neatness counts, bitches.  Thank god for lacer bars and zip ties.

Back here we have: a drive mult, with 4 patchable return lines (parallelled to the mult).  Below that, and out of the picture, there’s a a mult for all inserts, and a seperate mult for FX, and all other patchable outputs at the desk (return lines, L/R, etc).


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