Posted by: performanceproduction | January 21, 2010

See what I mean?

I started writing this entry in December, and clearly stopped halfway through.

Here it is anyway though:

Another night in a beautiful, recently renovated theatre.  The act was R&B, which had me filled with dread, but the band turned out to be very cool.  One of them (we’ll call him MD, since he was the “Music Director”) was kind of a douche, but whatever.  I hadn’t been in this room yet, and it just underwent a major overhaul.  PA was all new, and while not a bad rig by any means, it’s….wrong.  Center cluster was MICA, with MSL-4’s doing a left/right hang.  Clearly someone was going for Broadway (I’m not sure what the usual gigs are coming through here, but it just smells and feels like a roadhouse), but didn’t quite pull it off.  The basic concept of an LCR setup is that  both the L/R and the center each cover the whole house.  This did not do so.  Also, the mezzanine looked like it wasn’t being covered at all, but I didn’t walk it, so who knows.

Anywho.  Among other new items, it looked like there was a Verona hanging out inside its case backstage.  Touring act had a FOH guy, who wanted a 4K, and since it was me on monitors, I took the 5D.  I had a potential of 20 mixes (8 on the floor, separate drum sub/wedge mixes, stereo sidefills, 3 IEM, and 2 FX), but only ended up doing 12, since they never even asked about ears.

Side note: I fucking hate analogue.  Give me a digital desk anydayoftheweek.  I can not think of any situation I’ve EVER been in when I said “god I wish I had an analogue desk” or “thank god I’m not on digital today.”  For versatility, size, recallability, and all that good shit, nothing beats having a digital desk.

So anyway, band shows up, everyone’s cool (except MD).  FOH Dude tuned the rig by singing Disney songs, which was a new one to me.  Drummer was great…super cool guy and rocked the kit, despite having a really bizarre concept of basic physics.


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