Posted by: performanceproduction | January 20, 2010

Wrong timing, as per usual

Ah, blogs.

God what a stupid fucking word.  It just sounds pretentious.   And really, isn’t it?  Aren’t people who blog pretentious?  Oh, I’m a BLOGGER…I could tell you about it but just go and read my BLOG..

Fuck you.

(Donuts are awesome)

And yet here I am, writing a fucking blog.  I’ve toyed with the idea from time to time.  I had a more private outlet for several years…one in which I occasionally talked about life as a soundguy neé “production engineer.”  Those were only occasional and for the most part noone who read the damn thing knew what I was talking about or cared.  So this is for anyone who might do either of those two things.

I’ve read soundguy blogs for years.  There are quite a few very good ones, and as with any other “genre” there are an assload of shitty knock-offs.  I read them both, and often when someone hasn’t updated, I’ll go back and re-read them.  You see, the beauty of this field of mine is that damn near everything you learn is from someone else telling stories.  That’s all we really have at the end of the day…stories.  We put countless gallons of blood, sweat, tears, and curses into building something that looks and sounds beautiful, impressive, and just flat-out awesome, and then at the end of the day (or the week, or whatever the length of the run – it always comes to an end) we undo it all.


So we have stories.  And here, I’ll try to put down some of my stories.  For your entertainment.  Perhaps for your education.  If nothing else, to get them out of my fucking head.  Because really, my best stories get lost writing them in my head in a truck coming back from a gig at 3am.  Or laying underneath a stage in between soundcheck and doors/dinner.

And that, my friends, is a goddamn shame.

Another reason I’d like to start putting these stories down is that every blog I read by people in my field is when they go out on the road…a touring blog.  Noone ever blogs from a provider point of view, which is a much more diverse landscape, as EVERY SHOW IS DIFFERENT.  Every single fucking one.  On a tour, you’re with the same band or bands, on the same bus or in the same van…just your city and venue change.  Shit, for a lot of them (though fewer these days), the rig is the same day to day!

So enjoy, comment, tell me to fuck off…but here are my stories (in case I get too bored/tired of/lazy/dead to write any further)


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